Hourly Rental Packages

Please Note: Any unused hours from your purchase can be used at any time as they never expire. Any time overages will be billed to your card. All new orders receive a complimentary 10 pages to print, copy and scan and fax with our in-house print center. You can purchase more printing credits as well. Use our built in secure equipment or yours.

Rent a Smart Office Pod® by the Hour

Pod Hour


Number of Hours:

⚫ Anonymous Internet Access

⚫ VOIP Phones

⚫ Print, Copy, Scan and Fax!

⚫ Video Conferencing

⚫ 6am-10pm Secure Access

⚫ Climate Controlled Private Workspace

⚫ No Contracts!

**Guests must utilize the same Pod as the member holder. Pod members must be present with guests AT ALL TIMES. In order to gain access to your Pod you must enter your PIN on the entry reader. To leave the Pod, you must enter your ACCESS CODE when leaving the building, failure to do so would be charged for the full day**