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Open office layouts are becoming more and more popular in today’s modern workplace. They’re less constraining than traditional offices, but this freedom comes at the cost of personal privacy-your conversations with clients or co-workers can easily be overheard by those around you who don’t intend to listen in on them as well! And since the open design doesn’t allow for walls between cubicles (or desks), sound carries easier through air ducts. 

Hence, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, work when trying to put together thoughtful presentations without having an irritating speakerphone echoing throughout your space every time someone speaks up loud enough that his voice cracks against these two opposing barriers:

One of the most frustrating things about working in an open office space is when you need to take a call but can’t because your colleague next door is on speakerphone. Soundbox silence booth offers employees some privacy and quiet without sacrificing convenience or creativity; this pod-like device could install anywhere that needs it!


Music education is not just one of a school curriculum, off-campus chain training institutions are full of vitality. However, we have been ignoring the importance of acoustic in such spaces, it indeed has a direct impact on students ‘perception of tone and intonation. Other major space defects are students’ mutual interference and noise disturbance to resident.

Re-decorate the space will make all previous investment in waste. Thus, Smart Office Pod™ is designed to solve all these problems.


Smart Office Pod™  is an ideal space where people can bring their full attention to day-to-day tasks with less interruption.

Smart Office Pod™ provides a comfortable and neutral acoustic environment.

Four sizes to match your needs.


Exterior size:
D936 x W1000 x H2300mm
(36.85″ x 39.37″ x 90.55″)

Inner size:
D900 x W840 x H2140mm
(35.43″ x 33.07″ x 84.25″)

Best For one person


Exterior size:
D1236 x W1500 x H2300mm
(48.66″ x 59.06″ x 90.55″)

Inner size:
D1200 x W1340 x H2140mm
(47.24″ x 52.76″ x 84.25″)

For two person


Exterior size:
D1536 x W2200 x H2300mm
(60.47″ x 86.61″ x 90.55″)

Inner size:
D1500 x W2040 x H2140mm
(59.06″ x 80.31″ x 84.25″)

For four person


Exterior size:
D2136 x W2200 x H2300mm
(84.09″ x 86.61″ x 90.55″)

Inner size:
D2100 x W2040 x H2140mm
(82.68″ x 80.31″ x 84.25″)

For six person

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